Climate Gardens inspired Near Future Garden at RHS Hampton 2016 

Near Future Garden won an RHS Gold Medal

This Conceptual Garden communicated climate positive message

Natural energies of sun, wind and water used by gardeners every day can secure a renewable future 

What is Climate Gardens?

Climate Gardens is a communications consultancy promoting positive understanding of climate change and the importance of a low carbon future.

It positions climate change as part of our every day lives and not as a remote series of alarming incidents happening to other communities.

The Mission is to deliver uplifting engagement with climate change issues using gardens and green spaces by creating interactive experiences about global warming and renewable energies.

The Call to Action is to empower visitors to observe climate change in their own gardens and act to limit its affects

The Lasting Legacy is to inspire visitors to move away from fossil fuels and switch their energy supply to renewables for a low carbon future.


What does Climate Gardens do?

We develop, design and deliver creative projects that communicate climate positivity.

This involves regularly collaborating with a diverse range of corporates and not for profit partners to identify new opportunities to communicate climate change effectively as this pressing issue rises up the economic, political and social agenda.

Climate Gardens won an RHS Gold Medal for a Conceptual Garden called Near Future Garden at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 . This Conceptual Garden featured a Carbon Path with the footprints of famous Climate Champions who highlighted the need for a low carbon future to help meet the limit of 2c warming set by COP21

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Why Gardens?

Gardeners care about the climate and observe the weather on a daily basis. it affects everything they do in their gardens.

They are witnessing the climate changing outside their back doors and seeing the shift in the future extreme scenarios coming nearer every day.

Unpredictable seasons and severe weather events are delivering stronger winds, exceptionally high temperatures and increasingly heavy monsoon rainfall causing severe floods that seriously damage the top soil, plants and trees in our gardens.

As a result, the range of plants we can grow in the UK will need to diversify. The need to harness the powerful elements of sun, wind and water for our energy use becomes urgent in order to stop extracting oil reserves in order to maintain carbon stores in the ground.

Planting a garden is always a commitment to the future. Gardeners are passionate about how their gardens will mature for their families and future generations to enjoy. They are able to make the link between investing time, money and effort into managing nature now to create ‘greener’ gardens that will ensure a sustainable and easy to manage future for their children to inherit.

This shared passion for gardens is used to find a new way to communicate climate positivity by showing how climate change is already happening outside our own back doors, and what we can do to help.

Climate Gardens inspires a sustainable legacy that harnessing renewable energies now can make the transition to a world reduced in CO2 emissions for future generations.

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