Climate Gardens communicates climate positive messages using gardens & plants

Climate Gardens won an RHS Gold Medal for Near Future Garden in London during 2016

The Carbon Path is Climate Gardens latest design installation to be created in global cities from 2019 

The Carbon Path is an interactive garden that engages city dwellers with action for a low carbon future

What is Climate Gardens?

Climate Gardens is a climate change communications and design consultancy.

We promote positive understanding of our changing climate and the importance of maintaining global increase in temperatures below 2 degrees.

We position climate change as part of every day local life and not as traumatic incidents only happening in remote global locations.

We support Nature-Based solutions for a low carbon future.

The Mission is to deliver localised engagement with climate change using gardens and plants.

The Call to Action is to observe climate change outside our back doors and inspire action to limit its impact by using Nature-Based solutions 

Our Lasting Legacy is to support the rapid transition to a low carbon future powered by the sun, wind & water used by plants every day to thrive & survive

What does Climate Gardens do?

* Develops, designs and delivers creative garden design projects that communicate climate positivity.

* Collaborates with a range of designers, climate change experts, international corporates and not for profit partners.

* Identifies new opportunities to communicate climate change positivity as this pressing issue rises up the economic, political and social agenda.

*Advocates harnessing the power of the sun, wind and water used by plants every day to speed the transition to renewable energies and deliver reduced global CO2 emissions.

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Why Gardens?


Everyone can observe their local climate & weather patterns on a daily basis.

Outside their own back doors. In their gardens.


Like plants, we can respond to a rapidly changing climate.We can harness the powerful elements of sun, wind and water for energy.


Planting a garden is a commitment to the future. A garden creates a legacy that matures for the next generations.

Gardens reveal how investing time, money and effort into working with nature now creates greener planet to ensure a sustainable and renewable future for our children to inherit.

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