About Climate Gardens

Deborah Scott Anderson founded Climate Gardens to deliver innovative engagement projects that inspire action on climate change. 

The aim is to create positivity & hope about climate change using plants & gardens. We need to reframe climate change and make it part of every day life. Research shows that images of polar bears, melting ice caps and confusing scientific data do not connect. 

Following the Paris Agreement there is an even more urgent need to find innovative ways to communicate climate change  as it happens outside our own back doors - in our gardens. Climate Hope is the only way forward for a sustainable future.

Deliver innovative garden design experiences about climate change to support the low carbon targets agreed by international governments in the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Call to Action
Empower localised engagement with climate change and speed the transition to renewable energies.

Lasting Legacy
Generate ongoing Climate Positivity to support a low carbon future. 

It’s Time for an Optimistic Conversation About Climate Change

It’s easy to be despondent about climate change but positivity is the only way forward to create mass action and education around how to create a low carbon future using renewable energies.

Climate Gardens takes inspiration from the incredible work being done by C40 Cities and the Women4Climate campaign led by

Anne Hildago, the Mayor of Paris.

Deborah Scott Anderson took part in the first ever Women4Climate conference in NYC and supports the empowerment of women to lead the climate change battle. A new mentoring programme launched by C40 is delivering global women leaders to fight for the future.






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