Climate Gardens has already received generous funds in the UK from the School for Social Entrepreneurs and UnLtd.

This helped to “sow the seeds” of our initial ideas and enabled  the launch of our blog to explore if there is interest in what we are trying to do.

The results have been encouraging. We have secured a top Google ranking above the RHS and BBC for climate change gardening and 50,000 annual hits. This confirms there is definitely interest in our ideas. It also highlights the existence of a global online community concerned with the effects of climate change in their gardens .They are eager to engage with our online community to show that climate change is already happening in our back gardens and we need to prepare for an uncertain future.

Funding the Growth of Climate Gardens

We now  need funding  to launch our social networking site that will expand our internet audience and create exciting new digital opportunities using video, images and interactive mobile technologies.

Sourcing funds for the future of Climate Gardens and creating "sustainable revenue sources" are crucial to our development..We are currently exploring various opportunities to partner with organisations and secure financial support from funders who share our vision for climate change gardening.If you are looking for a cutting edge environmental digital project please watch our funding video on the Home Page (coming soon).This will demonstrate our unique approach to raising awareness of climate change.

Exact details of the funding support we are looking for is available by contacting us.