In Your Garden

In Your Garden

Gardens and gardeners are already challenged by increasingly unpredictable weather.

Longer summers with periods of drought mixed with heavy monsoon-style rain and often colder longer winters means that our gardens will be  transformed over the next 50 years. Extreme conditions such as freezing, drought or waterlogging are big plant killers and threaten the survival of gardens.

Climate Gardens is launching a series of online videos presented by gardening experts that offer practical solutions and detailed information to help gardeners adapt to unpredictable weather.They will cover a range of topical issues and provide clear and helpful advice on a number of areas:

  • Do you need to change the design of your garden to accomodate weather challenges?
  • Has the weather changed the condition of your soil? 
  • How do you select plants that perform well in a changing climate?
  • Where to position plants to ensure growth and protect from cold, drought, water-logging?
  • Will lawns survive in a changing climate?
  • How to use water wisely in the garden. 

The Royal Horticultural Society offers excellent advice and guidance on gardening in a changing climate: