Join our community

Join our community

Climate Gardens is growing its online presence via an innovative social networking site.

Our online community or “tribe” are already active on twitter and facebook but they want even more engagement on a regular basis. In a recent online survey they confirmed they want to communicate with each other to compare the effects of climate change in their global gardens.

We always listen to our supporters and are responding by developing  a unique social networking platform that provides an online interactive community where visitors can share their personal experiences of climate change in their gardens whilst accessing regular information about our projects and our sponsors.

The Aims of Our Community

 We want to create an online experience that brings climate change gardening into everyone's lives - outside their back door rather than in remote locations across the world. We plan to create THE internet portal for gardeners to access and create an international record of how climate changes and unpredictable weather are affecting our gardens and green spaces over the next 5 years.

There are many opportunities to be part of this exciting new community and we will bring you news and updates via our News pages as they happen.

We are currently considering sponsorship packages for a number of branded sections on our new social networking website . If your company or organisation would like exposure to a growing environmentally aware online audience please contact us.