Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Environmental Organisations

Climate Gardens already works with the RHS and local gardening groups to highlight the effects of climate change in our gardens. It is developing  projects that will encourage individuals to prepare for an uncertain climatic future in their gardens and homes.

If you are an environmental organisation that would like to collaborate with Climate Gardens please contact us.

Renewable Energy

Climate Gardens promotes sustainability in gardens and uses this to encourage householders to examine how they source the energy to their homes. Buying electricity and gas from renewable suppliers helps the UK move towards a sustainable future.

It is important to purchase your energy supply as if you were visiting the supermarket where you probably always buy the best you can to ensure the health of your family now and in the future.

Good Energy is recommended by Climate Gardens as an excellent community sourced energy supplier that delivers 100% renewable electricity from sunshine, wind and rain whilst being cheaper than the Big Six. Good Energy was also voted top of Which? customer satisfaction survey for energy suppliers in 2014.

If you are involved with renewable energy and want to use our Google ranking presence to promote your brand please contact us.

Plant Nurseries & Garden Centres

Climate Gardens is looking for plant nurseries and garden centres to trial a new information scheme aimed at identifying and dealing with climate change in their customers’ gardens. This is a unique opportunity to promote environmental issues in a customer focused environment and could have a positive impact on your sales and reputation.

A range of specialist nurseries and their plants already receive publicity via our blog at We are always pleased to hear from nurseries or garden centres who view environmental issues such as climate change as an important opportunity for their business. Please contact us.

Schools & Education organisations

Climate Gardens provides climate change gardening information to schools in the UK, America and Australia who use our images and resources to educate their students to observe the effects of climate change in school gardens.

If you are a school who would like to get involved with a new project focusing on raising the awareness of climate change via gardens and green spaces please contact us.