Near Future Garden Inspires Change

Climate Gardens received an RHS Gold medal in 2016 for a Conceptual Garden that communicated clear messages about climate change at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

Near Future Garden received 10,000 visitors over 6 days and 1.2 million viewers watched a 7 minute feature about the garden on the BBC2 coverage of RHS Hampton. 

 Near Future Garden proved to a popular Conceptual Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2016.

Climate Gardens provided the inspiration for this climate change garden and Deborah explains the strategy for success:

"RHS Flower Shows are often about observing gardens from a distance.  

Near Future Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2016 was specifically designed for visitors to experience the full impact of messages about a low carbon future using renewable energies.

Visitors were invited to walk on a carbon footpath which allowed time to connect with the climate change themes that inspired this innovative design.

Near Future Garden is the first interactive garden design project by Climate Gardens that inspires understanding of and action on climate change."


Renewable energy inspiration

Near Future Garden encouraged gardeners to understand the role of renewable energies for a low carbon future. Specially commissioned wooden sculptures highlighted the importance of the natural elements of the sun, water and wind.

These elements are used by gardeners every day to grow their plants and NFG highlighted the need to use these available and low carbon energies to power our homes.

Renewable energies are making a vital contribution to powering our future energy supply for a less polluted and low carbon planet. It is estimated by the International Energy Association that four fifths of the earth’s fossil fuels must stay in the ground in order to limit global warming to 2c.

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