2015 was hottest year but 2016 to be even hotter

4th Jan 2016 | 0 Comments

2015 was hottest year but 2016 to be even hotter

The end of 2015 saw record temperatures across the globe as a strong El Nino event created an unprecendented series of hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean. These in turn created a ripple affect of warmer air that saw the Artic recorded at a staggering 3c above the normal range at the end of December 2015. This has huge implications for the melting of the ice caps as explained in this article.


As the onging effects of pushing carbon into the air rapidly affects the planet's climatic conditions there is a rising increase in extreme weather from droughts to flooding - heavy rainfall being the most common result of these huge climatic shifts in the earth's atmosphere.

Every day we read news and reports about how our changing weather patterns are causing havoc on a daily basis. At last the media are using their power to highlight the pressing and ongoing issue of our changing climate. 

Below are just a selection of articles to help confirm that climate change is happening NOW in yourback garden and not just in remote places like the Artic.

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