Earth Day and COP21 unite

22nd Apr 2016 | 1 Comments

Earth Day and COP21 unite

22nd April 2016 - green shoots for Planet Earth and Near Future Garden. 

Over one billion people in 192 countries are taking action today to protect our shared environment by celebrating Earth Day.  Across the globe, people are looking to move away from fossil fuels to reduce carbon footprints whilst children are being taught to protect our planet by planting trees as they become custodians of a very "Near Future."

In New York City today it is not a co-incidence that, in a rare and special event, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has invited every world leader to the United Nations to officially sign the COP21 Paris Agreement reached on 12th December 2015

NYC to UK for Near Future Garden vision

Meanwhile in London, Near Future Garden is celebrating its own environmental path towards RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 .

This began just 48 hours after the COP21 signing in 2015 when, on 14th December, the RHS approved Arit Anderson's design for a low carbon garden inspired by Deborah Scott Anderson, Founder of Climate Gardens.

Arit explains how her personal experiences buiilding NFG over the past four and half months enhanced her vision and understanding of what the garden is trying to achieve, both as a design concept and environmental statement.

" A recent trip to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City allowed me to stand in the General Assembly Halls. Knowing this is where the world's leaders meet was inspiring and confirmed what an exciting opportunity NFG has to communicate clear messages about climate change at RHS Hampton Court this summer.

By increasing my awareness I have carbon offset my flight through Worldlandtrust and continue to use a renewable energy provider. If we all make these steps of change we can make a difference to the state of our planet."

Deborah has blogged about the link between climate change and gardening for over eight years . She firmly believes the fight against climate change is an urgent priority following 13 months of record breaking global temperatures.

"NFG inspires personal reflection on individual carbon footprints. My dream is for every visitor who steps onto NFG Carbon Path to embrace Climate Positivity and not see climate change as someone else's problem.

It is crucial to explain how everyone can be part of this historic time when individuals can make a realistic contribution through their personal actions to help limit global temperature rise to below 2c.

I feel passionately that it is crucial to leave a sustainable green legacy for future generations. There is no Planet B."

Collaboration key to Climate Positivity 

Climate change adaptation is part of 17 Sustainable Development Goals recorded by the United Nations who consistently lead on powerful international collaboration with all countries for a greener and sustainable planet.

Creating Near Future Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2016 is a strong collaboration between Arit Anderson and Deborah Scott Anderson who believe that co-operation is crucial for a low carbon future.  Together they are building an online community that will grow as RHS Hampton Court approaches. This green interaction will continue after the Show with other Climate Positive Horticultural Projects as climate change takes hold in our back gardens. 

Join NFG Community

Follow Arit and Deborah's journey to RHS Hampton Court on NFG Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be part of the growing NFG community in June when we launch an interactive social media campaign to highlight why carbon footprints are such an important design feature of this sustainable garden.

Discover how you can win 2 tickets to RHS Hampton Court this year by creating images of your own footprints - stay connected to NFG social media for more details. 

Share your footprints for climate positivity!


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