Celebrate Earth Hour : Embrace Climate Positivity

19th Mar 2016 | 0 Comments

Celebrate Earth Hour : Embrace Climate Positivity

Climate change communication is a stronger force for real change when there is a glimmer of hope for the future. Suggestions of stranded polar bears and melting ice caps often make an audience feel disconnected and powerless. 

The Climate Positive "energy" of perhaps the most well known climate champion is an excellent example. Mr Gore manages to project Climate Positivity mixed with a dose of humour but always underlined by serious messages that leave his audience ready and willing to take action on climate change. His latest Ted Talk entitled The case for optimism on climate change receved 773,000 views within a month.

Al Gore is my inspiration for collaborating on an innovative project called Near Future Garden. This interactive garden for RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 is a unique opportunity to encourage 146,000 visitors and a 30 million global online media audience to experience Climate Positivity at the world's largest flower show from July 4th to 10th.

Planting a garden is the ultimate commitment to a positive future. Gardeners are passionate about how their gardens will mature for their families and future generations to enjoy. They are able to make the link between investing time, money and effort into managing nature now to create gardens that will ensure a sustainable and easy to manage future for their children to inherit.

Near Future Garden encourages gardeners to embrace Climate Positivity by revealing the crucial role of renewable energies for a low carbon future. Specially commissioned wooden sculptures made from sustainably sourced English oak will reveal the importance of the natural elements of the sun, water and wind that are used by gardeners every day to grow their plants.

NFG will highlight how these free and readily available global natural resources ensure the health and vitality of our garden plants on a daily basis, as well as making a vital contribution to powering our future energy supply for a less polluted and low carbon planet. 

Climate Positivity is helping Near Future Garden to stand out in the social media frenzy of irrelevent information that seems to dominate our everyday lives.     


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