Climate Change - moving from scientific fact to your back garden

11th Aug 2016 | 1 Comments

Climate Change - moving from scientific fact to your back garden

Gardeners are witnessing the climate changing outside their back doors and seeing a rapid shift towards the future extreme weather scenarios coming nearer every day. They care about the climate and observe the weather, it affects everything they do in their gardens.

Unpredictable seasons and severe weather events are delivering stronger winds, exceptionally high temperatures and increasingly heavy monsoon rainfall causing severe floods that seriously damage the top soil, plants and trees in their gardens. As a result, the range of plants we can grow in the UK is already having to diversify.

Planting a garden is a commitment to the future. Gardeners are passionate about how their gardens will mature for their families and future generations to enjoy. They are able to make the link between investing time, money and effort into managing nature now to create ‘greener’ gardens that will ensure a sustainable and easy to manage future for their children to inherit.

As a result of this horticultural vision, gardeners are able to understand the urgent need to harness the powerful elements of sun, wind and water for our energy use and fund advances in renewable energy technology in order to stop using oil reserves and keep carbon stored in the ground. Leaving a positive green legacy is vitally important for the UK’s 27 million gardeners. 

The Guardian expresses the need to use innovative positiive messages to reframe climate change in order to engage more action in this very interesting article

Climate Gardens aims to help re-position the issue of climate change away from a remote futuristic scenario that affects communities living on the other side of the world to a daily experience that the UKs 27 million gardens and gardeners can observe outside their back door.This helps to engage with making conscious decisions about leading a low carbon lifestyle such as switching to a renewable energy supplier.


  1. Lily | 1st Oct 2015 08:56 AM

    This is excellent way to get people to understand how climate change directly affects them - Lily


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