Climate Change needs global media marketing campaign

6th Apr 2017 | 0 Comments

Climate Change needs global media marketing campaign

2017 is delivering a challenging year of climate change extremes

Cruise liners sail through the North West passage as the Artic ice rapidly melts. Meanwhile, the American government  grants  new licences with the potential to drill for oil in this crucial environmental area.

Now, more than ever, we need to use these events as a catalyst to deliver innovative ways to ensure that the communication of climate change engages the masses in order to reverse the inertia about THE most pressing issue facing our planet.

As argued in a Royal Society of Arts (RSA) report a major cause and consequence of this inertia is that even those who broadly accept the facts of climate change struggle to see themselves either as part of the problem or the solution. 

"Framing" is a buzzword in debates about climate change, and will not by itself keep fossil fuels in the ground.

We need a way of presenting climate change to show that it is not merely one of many environmental problems, but a completely unique collective action problem, and, one that is implicated in EVERY aspect of our lives."

Climate Change needs global media marketing campaign 

Climate Change needs to create its own positive and uplifting brand.  

Climate Change needs to create warmth, positivity and the ultimate call to action beloved by global Marketing Directors everywhere.

It needs to inspire competitive creative pitches that deliver iconic TV commericals and inspirational social media marketing that will encourage everyone to think about the significance of this "brand" for our present and future happiness - and possibly our survival.

Most importantly, this brand engagement has to happen on on a daily basis.Transporting a global audience onto a positive climate change stage rather than allowing them to watch with fear from the audience.

This article by Bob Pickard, a PR professional in Singapore, sets key issues that make communicating Climate Change such a major challenge.

If you are interested in joining an international Climate Change PR network that will bring together experts in marketing and communication to brainstorm ideas for creating a different communication strategy for Climate Change please email: 

"Those who are already feeling the effects of climate change don't have time to deny it — they're busy dealing with it."

Barack Obama

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