Public Parks can raise awareness of climate change

28th Nov 2017 | 0 Comments

Public Parks can raise awareness of climate change

Gardening is an iconic activity in Britain. It defines us. We do more of it than any other nation on earth, except perhaps the floriferous Dutch and bonsai-minded Japanese. Search for our soul, and you will find it among the flower beds and potting sheds.

It is also found in over 6,000 public parks and gardens where horticultural delights attract thousands of visitors every year. 

Public Gardens in the UK could become THE place to experience and learn more about climate change. They offer the opportunity to promote environmental stewardship and provide an informal education about plants and the environmental issues they are facing as the climate shifts over the next 50 years. 

The American Public Gardens Association operates a succesful project called YOUtopia, which encourages learning about the impacts of climate change in gardens and the many things that are being done to help prevent or prepare for it. This empowers personal choice and practical action that visitors to American parks can adopt in their lives to spread awareness and understanding of climate change.

Climate Gardens is working to create a similar programme for UK parks and gardens. It is seeeking opinion and comment from charities who own public parks such as the RHS and the National Trust as well as visitors to public gardens. Please contact us with your views.

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