The Moment the World decided to save the Planet

4th Sep 2016 | 0 Comments

The Moment the World decided to save the Planet

Presidents of USA and China have ratified their commitments to COP21 Paris climate deal.

Perhaps 3rd September 2016 will be recorded as the end of the beginning of the move to limit climate change by shifting to a low carbon economy that can meet important COP 21 ambitions to limit global warming to 2c.

The world's largest polluters, responsilbe for 40% of global carbon emmisions, have demonstrated their political will to save the planet from an uncertain future.

The long and winding path to a global low carbon economy appears to have moved forward.

What we need now is huge economic, corporate, scientific and social commitment to deliver the finance, infrastructure and technology to help keep oil in the ground as renewable energies power the planet.

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